Bookmatched Materials

We are often asked by clients viewing the warehouse what a bookmatched product can offer.

Every slab we sell is is distinct, some more subtly grained while others are vividly expressive yet, no matter your preference in pattern, a recently popular trend towards bookmatched marble – the use of two mirror-image marble slabs, set side by side on the same surface like the pages of an open book – is the material at its most statement-making. Bookmatched slabs composed in this way take the random landscape of the natural veins in the material and transform them into distinct, symmetrical designs.

Installations that use bookmatching work best in locations where the marble slabs are on full display; commercial locations as a dramatic accent wall in a lobby, restaurant or bar for example.

A statement of luxury, bookmatched installation is trending in residential interiors too. Master bathrooms can be the perfect place to showcase book-matched stone. Centered on the wall of a walk-in shower, the distinctive natural patterning of stone becomes a work of art. Book-matched marble makes a beautiful backdrop for vanity mirrors, or when used to create amazing, geometric floor designs. In addition to marble, the technique works beautifully with other patterned materials like onyx, travertine, and semi-precious stones.

Calacatta Vagli Timeless and Natural 

The white breccia’s pattern from Italy lends a distinctive touch to every surface. Moreover, due to its veined structure, the marble is suitable for naturally elegant spaces, in- and partially outdoors. It’s ornate face makes this stone ideal for a bookmatched design.

No matter if you are a home owner, architect or designer feel free to come into our warehouse in Rosedale to view these new products arriving by the end of the month.

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