The Corteccia Finish

Our materials at Slabco come in a range of finishes to suit the desires of our clients and the designs into which our stone will be introduced. Though typically marbles, granites & travertines are displayed with polished, honed or satin finishes there are many further exciting statements that can be made.

Slabco are New Zealand’s exclusive distributor of natural stone supplied by Bagnara, Italy and we have been working together since our company’s inception. Their granite Beola Stella plays an important role in the refurbishment of this alpine hotel in Northern Italy. The sky grey stone harmonises perfectly with the other chosen materials and its light colour makes the rooms particularly inviting.

Of especial note however are the innovative surfaces employed in this design: The three-dimensional Corteccia finish, which highlights the longitudinal structure of the natural stone and underlines its naturalness becomes a key feature of each room. The word Corteccia is drawn from the latin Corticia & is used to define the shape, grain and pattern formed by the vertical lines & grooves on the bark of a tree. This technique takes the natural smoothness of stone, and the craftsmanship of a mason to realise a design which feels simultaneously mineral and verdant.

 If your kitchen, bathroom or place of work is seeking to renovate and innovate head to Slabco in either Auckland or Christchurch to find both a stone and a finish perfect for your needs.

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