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Portland Grey & Pannoia Blue Versatile and Flexible 

Though Portland Grey and Pannonia Blue are both limestones, in appearance and character they are utterly distinct. Limestone is a sedimentary rock of marine origin and consists almost entirely of the mineral calcite; though dolostone, feldspar, clay minerals, quartz or mica schist minerals are also present in very small quantities. These mineral and organic admixtures let the actually white limestone appear in numerous colourings and varieties. Therefore, the limestone can be reddish, greenish, yellow-brown, dark grey or even black. 

Our Portland Grey – as it’s name suggests – has a light grey tone, with traces of brown and beige in the grain with veins that run darker through the heart of the slabs. This limestone from the USA lends a unique character to each room because of these distinct linear patterns – which can be rendered in either Vein Cuts or Cross Cuts.

The blue-black limestone Pannonia Blau from Austria, has a more cloudy structure with rich details unique to every slab. The colouring of these patterns can range hugely; from blacks, to midnight blues with streaks of white & yellow-gold present also. Pannonia Blau is best applied indoors, though it can have outdoor applications.  

Beola Nera Natural and Timeless 

The grey Beola Nera gneiss is mined in the heights of the Italian Alps. Due to the altitude of the quarry, at nearly 2,000 metres above sea level, extraction is challenging. The quarry can only be worked for 8 to 10 months per year and the volume extracted is therefore very limited. This rare stone is characterised by its olive-coloured undertone, a particularly soft and warm colour. Its structure is mostly strongly clouded with occasional white quartz veins. The material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Popular areas of application for Beola Nera are modern and rustic spa facilities and baths, also as a separating material or straps on facades. Due to its acid and frost resistance, Beola Nera is also ideal for garden construction and landscaping. Due to its optical properties, it appears natural, rustic and self-assured, but still timeless and modern.

These three unique offerings as well as other examples of our natural stone can be viewed today in our Auckland and Christchurch stock rooms. 

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